Accelerate Growth

Module A | CEO Mastermind | Peer-to-Peer Group

  • 4-Months to Accelerate Growth

    Whenever an entrepreneur feels they have a reached a level of comfort with their small business, there’s always an itch to go to the next level. The ambition of wanting to GO BIG! is part logical and part madness.

    Beyond the emotional wonderment of growing an enterprise, there are usually very good reasons to expand a brand. This 4-month accelerated course, allows you to go back to the drawing board to evaluate, develop a strategy and roll-out plan. As with any expansion initiative, the stakes are higher and it will require some serious upgrades to your original business plan while employing more sophisticated planning in financing and marketing.

    From top to bottom, this next stage in a business’ growth can be attained in less time with rapid roll-out of strategies developed in Module A. When successfully implementation, it can provide an entrepreneur greater personal and financial freedom compared to a smaller operation with limited capacity. The most significant outcome of this Module is creating a road map with lifetime strategies to build a scalable enterprise.

  • Business Expansion Strategies Covered

    Increase Sales in An Existing Market

    You already know what you are great at so, selling more of what you have to offer is the fastest, easiest and low-risk way to grow your brand. However, this may require a larger space, revising pricing strategies and refining your marketing/sales process to acquire new or untapped target markets.

    Introduce a New Product/Service

    This is a normal next step for businesses who have achieved a level of success with their existing offerings. In a “organic” way, customers are demanding something more or different and are willing to buy if you offered it! Being responsive to your customers’ need will add value to their buying experience and builds brand loyalty.

    Carve Out a New Market

    Its riskier but, could pay big dividends. For most businesses looking to expand, this is an inevitable goal, which will require a chunk of capital investment. Extending your products into new locations or demographic segments requires market research, beta testing and new marketing strategies and operations management system.

    Create a New Chain

    Duplicating success of one location and creating multiple outlets with equal or better results require a thorough risk assessment of your ambitions. Most entrepreneurs expand prematurely and end up hurting a once flourishing business. It can be accomplished successfully with the “best of” components of the original location and outlined in master business plan.


    Developing a franchise model along with the legal fees can cost upwards of $100,000 to prepare. You will need a hiring and training program, prepare various operation manuals (in multiple languages), a structured organization and systems to service remote locations.


    Licensing your brand is less regulated and less risk but, you will have to be willing to surrender some control. Ensure that your “Licensed” business is protected by patents and or, trademarks along with governance over retail, manufacturing, distribution and production rights.

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    The advantages of a merger or an acquisition is enormous. You complement strengths to forge a union to increase customer base, pool intellectual capital expand offerings. The downside risks include ending up with the wrong partners and not meeting mutual expectations. Needless to say, performing your due diligence and having an iron clad agreements are critical.

  • Module A

    Accelerate Growth

  • Module B

    Boost Sales

  • Module C

    Competitive Dominance

CEO Mastermind Groups


  • Overview of Mastermind Group: Module A – Accelerate Growth

      • Financing Growth

      When seeking out funding from an investor or a banker, you should be aware that oftentimes your business plans can be the source their disconnects. Each funding source is different and you must be aware and prepare for these pitfalls before approaching them.

      • Evaluate Risks & Ability

      Entrepreneurs who do not understand or, plan for risks will not grow their businesses. There are many risks including, personal, business and competitive. You must account for specific risks so you are able to minimize exposure and have contingency plans.

      • Build on Core Strengths

      Entrepreneurs get carried away with adding offerings that dilute the company’s value and its image. Its important to reevaluate your business’ core competencies by measuring the areas that drive your profits vs. those that increase your expenses.

      • Audit & Define Brand

      Is your brand credible and likable? Your brand is the entire experience your prospects and customers have with your company. Use “business intelligence” to gain a clear and objective perspective to determine your competitive advantage.

  • What to Expect

    • Networking & Referrals
    • Guest Speakers
    • Activity & Progress Reports
    • Guided Instruction & Mentoring
    • Peer Q&A + Discussions
    • Next Step Assignments
    • Accountability

If you have any doubts TEST DRIVE before you join!

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    8. Activity Guide
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    10. Roll-out Plan
    11. Workbooks

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