• Advisory & Consulting

    Performance and results-driven engagements are the cornerstone of firm’s practice for over 20 years.

  • Mastermind Groups

    CEO group mentoring experiences have proven to be a cost & time effective means to grow small businesses

  • Corporate Training

    We have solved the dilemma of taking a team’s time away from work to learn how to be more productive!

  • Educational Workshops

    We promise that our paid and free education workshops are NOT a shameless opportunity for an infomercial.

  • Community Programs

    Our most important purpose and core value is being a genuine contributor in the cities we live, work and play.

The Mindset of a Sustainable Business

Simple Truths to Build a Great Company & Lifestyle

  • There are millions of brilliant business ideas, but without a strong foundation of knowledge, an adequate support system and solid strategic plan, most small businesses (under $5 million in annual revenue) end up exhausting their capital and energy within 5 years. After decades of working with thousands of small businesses, we’ve identified simple truths to can drive companies above their natural limitations:

      • Be passionate, not emotional
      • Money will not fix bad ideas
      • Going it alone isn’t scalable
      • Your business’ best competitor is you
      • Get mentored by other CEO’s
      • Create a monthly “Revenue Plan”
      • Be accountable for effort & results
      • Keep growing your personal network

Core Essentials

The Foundation of Upon Which Successful Companies Are Built

    • Capabilities

    All ventures and businesses depend heavily on its CEO’s knowledge, values, skills, experience and vision to build a formidable enterprise. Most self-appointed CEOs have a deep understanding of their product/service. Unlike the Fortune 500 CEO’s, self-starters lack the (almost unlimited) resources, depth and breadth of the grooming offered by a Fortune 500 company

    • Market

    Marketing influences how much a prospect values what you have to offer and how much they are willing to pay you. Traditionally, most companies focus on generating customers using “selling (advertising) tools,” with little or no ROI. Developing a “Marketing Strategy” in conjunction with a “Sales Process” will generate up to 10 times more revenue for the same investment of money and effort.

    • Operations

    Whiles “Sales” generate income, the level of “Operations” process and control determines profitability and consequently, viability. If a company is already generating over $1 million and is NOT profitable, then increasing revenue will only heighten the fiscal cliff. Excellence in execution of initiatives, managing workflow and controlling the quality of the results will protect the bottom-line and enable long-term success.

    • Relationships

    People are imperfect creatures driven by emotion, beliefs, quirks, and a sliding scale of rationalities. Your ability to inspire and build internal and external relationships will influence the market’s perception of your company. Technology has amplified our connections globally and spawned the most diverse business environment in history making it essential to adapt quickly.

Catapult Your Business in Just 100 Days!

This Program Will Increase Your Sales – We Guarantee It!

No other program, book, trainer, or course will teach you in a hands-on, systematic way exactly how to generate more new customers that will catapult your profitability within 2 weeks to 3 months of completion. Please read the rest of this program overview carefully and take the next step. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call.

We look forward to seeing you join the group.

Aggressive Programs for Start-ups Under $1M

Improve Profitability & Increase Revenue

  • Next Level Strategies


    This module was developed for companies that have achieved some level of success and want to maximize their brand’s reach by adding more locations or, drastically increase their customer base without investing significant amounts of capital. These strategies apply to professionals, online and brick & mortar businesses.

    • Audit & Define Brand
    • Build on Core Strengths
    • Optimize Profitability
    • Expand Market Reach

    BOOST Revenues

    The one area of business that contributes to most of its success is SALES. Yet, entrepreneurs end up tinkering with other areas of their business and do not place enough effort (personally or with sales force) on sales activities. This activity-driven module connects with more new customers and optimizes conversation (closing) rate.

    • Implement Sales Process
    • Prospecting & Closing
    • Customer Retention
    • Finding New Markets

    COMPETITIVE Dominance

    Marketing is your organization’s fundamental activity to develop COMPETITIVE DOMINANCE. Your investment (time/money) in marketing is the same whether those efforts produce failing results or 100x. We can show you how to leverage your efforts to get significantly more results for the same investment. Here’s an overview of what you will learn and keep for a lifetime.

    • Goals, Capabilities & Resources
    • Develop Your Dominance
    • Create Tools & Processes
    • Generate & Manage Customers
  • Testimonial