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  • Opis Network is a business development and marketing firm based in Newport Beach, California. We have been around for over 20 years, before the world became digital, when social interactions were built face to face and a handshake was more powerful than a written contract.
    Over the past two decades, we have developed innovative strategies to transform companies by increasing their market share, while significantly increasing bottom-line results. We’re early adopters and integrators Social Media as part of a business’ overall strategy.

    We view our digitally enabled world as rapid evolution of tools but, the fundamentals of business and marketing endure. The way consumers interact with brands is changing faster than most business can adapt. Opis Network was built to thrive in this changing environment and we provide affordable access to those determined to carve out their chunk of success.


    A world-class consulting firm in which a culture of learning, innovation and adaptability allows us to push the boundaries of creativity to solve complex business challenges and facilitate market dominance for our clients.


    • Be an active contributor in our communities
    • Exist authentically and open-minded
    • Stay passionate about our work and do it well
    • Pursue and share our learning experiences
    • Empower others to win when no else cares

    Advisory & Consulting – 22 Years


    Corporate Training- 17 yearsasdsad


    Workshops- 15 years


    Mastermind Groups – 13 Years


    Community- 5 years


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    • Community Partners & Supporters

      100 Businesses for 100 Days

      In late 2009, Opis Network dedicated much of its resources and efforts to design a business “turnaround” program that could be offered to local businesses that had been affected by the economic meltdown. This unprecedented program was successfully launched in 2010 with the City of Santa Ana.
      Since then, Opis has teamed up and partnered with several more cities along with Concordia University to continue offering local business owners free access to expert advice on how they can adapt and grow their businesses in response to changing economic conditions.
      We are grateful to the many cities, chambers of commerce, non-profits and private companies like Kenny the Printer, who have supported the “Helping 100 Business for 100 Days” program. We are also honored for the high acclaim, credits and awards we have received for our contribution.
      Most importantly, we appreciate the thousands of business who have participated in the program. Their positive feedback and sentiments for our efforts, has inspired us to continue our work and helped reshape our company’s purpose.